Meirion Ginsberg


About the Artists:


'Humour plays a big part in my work, but this seems to be mellowed out by the intuitive construction of my paintings. I am a strong believer of improvisation and risk taking which are two strong elements in my mind that strengthen my ideas and skill.' - Meirion Ginsberg

Meirion Ginsberg was born in 1985 and raised in North Wales. It is important to him to step away from traditional Welsh landscape painting while still maintaining focus on his personal environment – often in the form of the people around him.

From a very young age, drawing was a priority for Meirion. He cites Norman Rockwell and Frances Bacon as important early influences on his art, and both icons still significantly influence his work. His autobiographical pieces inject humour and a partial abstraction, created by his versatile mark making. His strong use of colours hints towards fauvism, making for striking and highly expressive paintings.

Associated Exhibitions

London Art Fair 2018
17 January - 21 January, 2018
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AAF New York City
EM returns for another edition of AAF NYC.
10 September - 13 September, 2015
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AAF Battersea - Spring Edition
Visit EM at Stand F11.
12 March - 15 March, 2015
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Heads & Tails
10 January - 24 January, 2013
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