Philippa Paterson


About the Artists:

Philippa Paterson is the winner of the National Open Art Competition Portrait Prize 2016.


Philippa Paterson

1953 Born in New York City.

Thereafter followed a peripatetic life with a schooling in countries such as Switzerland, Cyprus, Japan and South Africa.

BA  French,  King’s College, University of London.

MA French Literature, Birkbeck College, University of London.

Followed by a career in publishing, PR, translating and horse breeding

Attended art classes in London, Johannesburg, Sydney and Emily Ball painting course in West Sussex.

Currently working in a studio in the South Downs.


Summer Show, Rackham, West Sussex, 2006 and 2007.

Summer Show, Seawhite Studio, Partridge Green, West Sussex, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Halsemere Studio, Haslemere, Surrey,  2009 and 2010.

Reeds Barn Gallery Empshott, Hampshire, October 2009.

Ruth Bochard Self-Portrait Competition, King’s Place Gallery, London 2011.

Art Without Walls Pop-up-Gallery, West Sussex 2012.

Chichester Open Shortlisted 2012.

Paintings in Private Collections in the United Kingdom and Greece, and in Corporate Collections in London.


This body of work belongs to the feminist tradition in art.  The paintings are the stories of women.  The questions concerning human identity hold a fascination for me and I attempt to explore the problems which surround the concept of beauty and the feminine ideal.

Based in the figurative tradition, the works aim to embody a strong psychological content.  They hang together, or alone, each with their own story and collectively as the story of women in general.

My figures are taken either from primary sources such as life models and the animals in my life, or from secondary sources such as newspapers, magazines, family albums and the internet.  I make drawings from these sources as I start to explore the ideas for the works.  The figures appear isolated, or with an animal, against a coloured ground.  they are both comic and  serious.

My influences range from painters such as Masaccio with his solid human forms, the Old Masters and their mastery of the human shape, to Rose Wylie and Georgia Hayes with their irreverent human shapes and comic content.  I would add to these influences the works of Beckett, Ionnesco and film directors such as the Norhern Andersson and the Latin Almodovar.


Philippa Paterson, 2017.

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