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Dominic Hills - Paintings of Clavdia Chauchat


Frau Chauchat had again lightly crossed one leg over the other, and now the slender outline of the whole leg was visible under the blue fabric of her skirt. She was of only average height, which Hans Castorp found very agreeable, just the right size. but she had relatively long legs and was not at all broad in the hips. She was not leaning back now, but was bent forward, her forearms folded and resting on the thigh of the crossed leg, her back rounded and her shoulders hunched so that the bones of her neck stuck out - you could see her spinal column under the close-fitting sweater. Her breasts, which were not voluptuous and high-set like Marusya's, but the small breasts of a young girl, were pressed together from both sides
from The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann


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