Realms of Figuration

A solo exhibition from Carl Melegari.

3 October - 17 October, 2015

Carl Melagari_ Personages


Presents Carl Melegari’s new body of work, which continues to explore the sensuous realm of paint, skin and figuration.


Through Melegari’s methodology of deconstruction and reconstruction, through the peeling, disfiguring and re-layering of oil on canvas, he forms images of otherwise hidden expression.


Delving into the image values of paint, he uses the physical body of the medium as a means to replicate the material vitality, and yet ethereal form of the human self.


Through exploring the relationship between body and environment, self and other, paint and canvas, he reveals through the use of paint and mark-making, the different realms of bodily, sensorial and spiritual connection.


Below are a few highlights from the exhibition.  Watch this space for further details and the e-catalogue.

Dritta Dritta
oil on canvas
91.4 x 91.4 cm
Lori and Thea Lori and Thea
oil on canvas
91.4 x 91.4 cm